Themes and Measures

Theme 2: measures in the major bed of the rivers

One measure is supported under theme 2. It aims at reversing some of the changes that were made to major river beds over the last century. These changes have considerably enhanced the peak discharge and decreased the discharge capacity of the rivers.

Measure 2.1: preservation, restoration and measures to use water retention areas, and enlargement of wetted sections and water retention areas

In many cases high-water problems are induced by bad spatial use of the high-water bed: construction of houses, embanking for roads or railroads and other obstacles to the free flow of water. If such new constructions are susceptible to increasing the damage in upstream areas, they must be avoided. If actual obstacles can be removed at a reasonable cost, this should be implemented. In order to create space for parallel channels and broadening the river bed, it is sometimes necessary to relocate the dykes.

Theme 1: measures in the catchment area of the river
Theme 2: measures in the major bed of the rivers
Theme 3: improve knowledge and co-operation
Theme 4: technical assistance

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