Themes and Measures

Theme 4: technical assistance

The monitoring system will be an important instrument in ensuring strategy development within the framework of the programme. Periodic reports and feedback to the various bodies involved in the programme will provide the necessary information. The joint programme Secretariat will be responsible for the management of this process.

As this programme has a joint transnational character, there will be a need to co-ordinate the activities. The management and implementation should be based on a separate working programme. A budget to finance these activities is compulsory. This budget also includes funding for activities of a transnational nature, such as studies and the dissemination of project results.

In general, technical assistance for IRMA is divided into three main categories:

  • joint activities of a more general nature to be carried out for the programme as a whole under the supervision of the Steering Committee;
  • the establishment and activities of a Joint Secretariat responsible for the day to day running of the programme;
  • specific activities to be carried out by the national advisory boards for the implementation of IRMA.

Theme 1: measures in the catchment area of the river
Theme 2: measures in the major bed of the rivers
Theme 3: improve knowledge and co-operation
Theme 4: technical assistance

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