Flood control in the Rhine and Meuse catchment areas requires transborder co-operation as well as an innovative and integrated approach. Projects have been initiated throughout the entire catchment area to prevent flooding. Frequently, such projects are financed largely by local, regional or national governments. However, if the project satisfies IRMA criteria, the authorities involved can receive EU contribution. In 153 cases, this has happened. In the "List of realised projects" you will find an overview of the technical and financial results of all projects.

In this overview the financial results as well the technical results are summarised. The financial results contain the committed as well as the realised costs and subsidy. The technical results contain short description of:

  • the intended plan (project description)
  • the objectives to be achieved and (goals)
  • the final outcomes (results)

In addition to providing project financing, IRMA aims to make the people living in the Rhine and Meuse areas more aware of the dangers of flooding. Apart from the list of realised IRMA projects, you can find here examples of transnational projects and fact-sheets on specific subjects.