The following projects in France have benefited from funding under the IRMA programme:

Applicant and project title (in blue)
3/FR/3/068 Navigation du Nord-Est

Atlas des zones inondables de la Moselle et de la Meurthe

The objective is to create an atlas and the project has been designed to investigate modelling of the river Moselle. The results of the research aims at mapping the risks of flooding, and for the Meurthe zone the atlas will include a hydrogeomorphological approach because of more urbanisation.

3/FR/1/072 Etablissement Public d’Aménagement de la Meuse et de ses Affluents (EPAMA)

Etude et modélisation des crues de la Meuse

Three models will be created: A hydraulic-model on the downstream part of the Meuse and part of the Chiers; a global-model generating the floods hydrograms of rainflow type on the entire French drainage basin of the Meuse; and a global floods-forecasting-model on the whole French Meuse basin which is meant for real time working. The project also aims at identifying the risk prone areas.

1/FR/1/084 Conseil Général - Département du Haut - Rhin

Travaux de restauration d’anciens bras du Rhin entre Kunheim et Marckolsheim (partie haut-rhinoise)

The project proposes work in two areas - rehabilitating and restoring the former branches of the Rhine between Kunheim and Marckolsheim. The overall project is also divided into two projects with different sponsors (Upper Rhine and Lower Rhine departments).

1/FR /1/085 Communauté de Communes de Marckolsheim et environs

Travaux de restauration d’anciens bras du Rhin entre Kunheim et Marckolsheim(partie bas-rhinoise)

The project proposes to rehabilitate the former branches with the aim of restoring part of the diffluence system of the Rhine to rehabilitate ground water charging. Secondly, the functionality of the alluvial forest ecosystems will be improved by heightening of the alluvial character of the habitats. Finally, continuity between the various habitats characteristic of the Rhine will also be improved which are at present segmented and disconnected from each other by existing infrastructure.

1/FR/3/089 Syndicat Intercommunal du val de Sambre

Création de zones de rétention et de débordement sur la Solre

The project concerns the development of the Solre valley, which is the last affluent of the Sambre river on French territory. The purpose of this project by the Syndicat Intercommunal du Val de Sambre (S.I.V.S.), is to protect the housing and industrial sites bordering the Solre in the three villages located downstream of the river which total a population of 11,000 between them. The objective is to protect the urban areas by building four occasional dams in the pasture land located upstream.

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